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K.Bellum Leather

Vintage Distressed Dk.Brown Leather Belt (1 3/4”)

Vintage Distressed Dk.Brown Leather Belt (1 3/4”)

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My custom Plain Leather Belts are made by hand out of a sturdy single layer of leather.
Unlike most belts sold in stores that are laminated and/or sewn together, my belts will not separate or come apart, and will last for years.

They are available in three types of buckles and several belt sizes. I size all of my custom leather belts to the specifications you provide to me. It is extremely important that you measure correctly to ensure the proper fit for your new belt. The buckle is secured with strong brass snaps or nickel snaps so you can change the buckle.

For belt orders between 26”-33” I will be emailing you to confirm your measurements to ensure a good and proper fit. Minimum size belt order 26”, Maximum size belt order 48”. All of my belts are made in the USA.


      ———Leather Belt Sizing Guide——-

How to Measure for a Belt


Leather belts will stretch over time. A snug fitting belt will wear more comfortably in the future.

OPTION 1 | Measure your waist

• Pants with belt loops
• Cloth or “soft” tape measure


1. Put on the pants and pull them up to the height you like to wear them

2. Thread the cloth tape measure through the belt loops like a belt

3. Hold the beginning of the tape measure on your pants button, pull the tape snugly like a belt and record the measurement at your pants button. This is your belt size and the center hole on your new belt.

Don’t have a cloth tape measure?

Use a piece of non-stretchy string or cord.

Follow the instructions for Option 1, marking where the cord meets at your button. Remove the cord, lay it flat and measure it with a ruler, yard stick or contractor’s tape.

OPTION 2 | Measure an existing belt

• Belt that fits you
• Tape measure or yard stick

4. Lay the belt out flat on a flat surface.

5. Place the beginning of the tape measure at the hole you currently use.

6. Measure to the end of the belt where it fastens to the buckle. Do not measure the buckle. This is your belt size.

NOTE: If your belt is curved and contoured to your body, use option 1

OPTION 3 | Use pant size

• Pants that fit you well

7. Find your pants waist measurement (e.g. 36”)

8. Add 2” to this measurement. This is your belt size.

9. Example: 36 + 2 = 38 is the belt size you would order

Note: This works best for pants worn close to the natural waist. This will not work for women’s pants that use US numbered sizes (e.g. size 10)

Shipping & Returns

  • A $12 flat shipping fee will be applied to all orders.
  • All of our bags are made to order. Production time is 7-14 days.
  • If you want to know an estimated date of your delivery, then please contact us so we can let you know.
  • Returns accepted for 30 days for unused products.
  • Customer provides return shipping.
  • No final sale items.
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